Paris, France - December 2008

Ah, Paris. As a belated first anniversary trip we went to Paris for Christmas 2008. How can you not be in love here? So much to see, so many tips & suggestions for future travelers! 

Here is what we saw in what seemed like a very short week long trip. 
Museums: Pompidou, Louvre, Osay & Orangerie
Notre Dame Paris, Notre Dame Reims, St Chapelle, Sacre Coeur, St Suplice
Day trips: Versailles & Reims - getting train tix was easy, I knew a few phrases in French that helped communication. 

We tried to get up at a reasonable hour every day in order to make the most of our trip. We saw on average 3 sites a day. Getting to the site, waiting in line, lunch, etc all takes time so don't overplan! 

We stayed in the 7th at the Best Western Eiffel Park on Rue Amelie. It was a clean and comfortable hotel in a great neighborhood. We ate locally for dinner almost every night. The staff was lovely and many spoke English. They went out of their way to help us get to the airport for our departure.